Gaurav Saxena

Born in Farrukhabad district, Gaurav Saxena completed his education from Kurukshetra University. In his college time he performed in the play like “Ghasiram Kotwal” and “Bhavdjjukam” zonal and inters zonal competition of college and also he won best actor. Since then, his interest has increased in the theater and after his graduation; he started his acting career with the commercially acclaimed Ras Kala Manch Rangmandal. Along with the plays, he is also interested in music. As an actor he has acted in ‘Parsai Ki Chaupal’, ‘Kahan Kahani Kahan’, ‘Naagmandal’, ‘Sakharam Binder’ and ‘Kurukshetra Gatha’ with Ras Kala Manch Rangmandal. Along with this, he has also worked in music management and platform. In future, he wants to establish himself as a good skilled actor in India.

Dhanjit Kakoti

Dhanjit Kakoti was born in Guwahati, Assam. He is working as a theatre artist since 2009 and has completed his diploma in Theatre from Madhya Pardesh School of Drama, Bhopal. As an actor he has worked with theatre personality like Sanjay Upaddhyay, C.R. Jambea, Kanhaiya Kaithwas, Alok Chaterjee and many more. At present he is associated with Ras Kala Manch as an Actor.

Kiran Dutt

Born in Sonipat district, Kiran is doing her postgraduate level education from Geeta Vidya Mandir Kanya College, Sonipat. She is also the president of the Theater Society ‘Adakara’ in her college. She participated in the youth festival, talent search competition, street plays, silent acting and many other competitions and received the first prize in all. She has acted as an actress in Hindi and Sanskrit drama such as ‘Kapalika’, ‘Sugandhi’, ‘ Surya Ki Antim Kiran Se Surya ki Pahli Kiran Tak, ‘Uttaramacharit’. They have been honored for being the best actress at the university and college level. With the experience of four years of theater, she has acted in the drama “Nagamandal”, “Kahan Tahaar Kahan”, and “Kurukshetra Gatha” in the Ras Kala Manch Rangmandal and also a part of the play “Parsai Ki Chaupal”.

Chand Bhardwaj

Born on January in Panipat (Haryana), Chand Sharma has taught his postgraduate education in mass communication with Arya College, Panipat. At present, he is doing M.A. in theater and television subject from Punjabi University, Patiala. During his college time he performing well in Youth Festival, Talent show, national level Ratnagali competition, Kurilkhtar University, Kurukshetra, 4 times he has been successful in getting the Best Actor Award. As an actor he associated with Ras Kala Manch for the last 6 years. During this time he participated in more than 15 plays such as “Chandu Bhai plays drama”, “The silent court is continuing”, “Ghasiram kam Poshasai’s Choupal, the second man- “Junk”, “Azhar’s dream”, “Bhagwat-Ajjukam”, “Oedipus”, “Giddh”, “Hum To Ese hi Hain”, “Naagmandal”, Kurukshetra Gatha. Main Kahani Hoon, etc., also acted as assistant director in the three relations, Heer-Ranjha.

Sombir Parjapat

Sombir Prajapat was born in Panipat (Haryana). He completed his graduation school with state college Karnal. At present, he is studying Post Graduate level from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Since from the college days, he has been participating in youth festivals, talent search competition, art-gathering, Ratnavali etc. And for the last several years he has worked as an actor with Ras Kala Manch, Safidon. So far he has acted as an actor in many dramas such as “Chandu Bhai Natak Karte Hain”, “Parsai Ki Chaupal”, “Three Relations”, “Kahan Kahani Kahan”, and beyond the stage, this “Doosra Aadmi Doosri Aurat”, “Main Kahani Hoon” Are playing part of the plays. He has also acted as a music director and co-coordinator in the plays like “Nagamandal” and “Kurukshetra Gatha”. He has also worked with art teams, comedies, colorful comers, hissar, color base, Narwana etc. with theater teams. He has also worked as a co-ordinator in the Yuva Mahotsav. Like 6th, 7th, 8th, “Chalo Theater” Natya Utsav.

Ashish Saini

Ashish Saini graduated from Arya P.G. College, from Panipat. He has been participating in youth festival, talent search competition and Ratnavali every time. He is working with Ras Kala Manch for the last 3 years. He has done many dramas such as “Chandu Bhai Natak Karte Hain”, “Parsai Ki Chaupal”, “Kurukshetra Gatha”, “Nagamandal” and “Kahan Kahani Kahon” etc. as an actor in “Doosra Aadmi Doosri Aurat” and “Main Kahani Hoon” Worked behind the stage.